Business Intelligence, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the process and the technologies necessary to collect and process structured and historical data and convert it into information and knowledge, with the aim of taking better business decisions, in order to improve bottom line results.

The development of Data Warehouses enables companies to gather all their data in one single repository from where they can obtain all the information requested through analysis, reports and dashboard, ensuring trusted decisions.

Over the years we have developed interesting solutions, such as retail DW, including branches across many different countries, an insurance DW, a single data repository to be exploited by employees and external users from branches, brokers, banks, etc.

These Business Intelligence solutions have allowed management teams to effectively analyze reliable historic information to predict future behaviors and take better decisions. Business Intelligence is based on historic structured data to correct operating errors with precise decisions.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is principally focused on the analysis of present situation data and the prediction of future events using predictive models to help determine the road ahead. Generally, Business Analytics doesn`t study internal data as Business Intelligence does, it normally extracts it`s data from different external data origins like web sites or public databases.

While Business Intelligence corrects past operating errors, Business Analytics works to avoid committing those mistakes in the future.

Big Data

Big Data is a collection of technologies capable of collecting, storing and processing large quantities of data in real time at high speeds, with the aim of identifying patterns in the data.

Machine Learning

The combination of Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data allows the analysis of great volumes of data using Machine Learning algorithms to predict future business events.