Project Description

The Argentine Brangus Association, has positioned itself as an international leader of Improved Genetics, boosting the value chain by supplying the consumers with top quality Brangus meat. We offer our genealogical data services to companies in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil for over 600.000 animals. Tecnologia BI has been of fundamental support to our genetic evaluation of Brangus breeding programme, which is jointly managed by the Animal Genetic Improvement department of the University of Buenos Aires, a leader in Latin America. The programme includes the organization of public and private events, expos and sponsored auctions. Tecnología BI has accompanied us with their professional and reliable team. Today, more than ever, we find in them as a strategic partner for Information Services and Data Management.

Together with Tecnología BI we have developed data management platforms, reports on genetic products, trends and implemented innovative projects preserving the trust of the breeders, in the protection, storage and management of their data. They have had a great agile management capacity to articulate the demands of the Association management teams with respect to genetic data.

Tecnologia BI developed the Brangus management web site, looking to digitalize all the genetic data management processes as part of an ongoing continuous improvement programme, enabling users to administrate and follow the rodeos and auctions online.
We believe in reaching excellent results in the medium term delivering better services to all users improving with their feedback by sharing databases with the Argentina Rural Society Lab to provide genetic DNA analysis.

We have now worked together as partners for over 10 years improving our customer services and hoping to improve the livestock production, optimizing resources and basing decisions on reliable information produced by Brangus and Tecnologia BI.