Project Description

For QUALIA (Insurance) we developed a Data Warehouse where we extracted data from an Insurance ERP (SISE from Sistran), from a set of excel files received from 4 different banks and configuration files. The data model included datamarts for accounting, policies issued, claims and clients (ie. Contact centre). Information may be extracted using Excel (OLAP), dynamic reports using MS Reporting Services and dashboards for senior management built with Power BI.

With Tecnología BI, we were able to jump into the fascinating world of Business Intelligence, beginning with datamarts for accounting and sales. This joint effort allowed us to integrate the information of 3 different business units in one unique database.

The consolidation of the reports for these business units has been done manually in the past using Excel spreadsheets, with a high margin of error and a great amount of man hours. We were able to replace it with an automatic process, which extracts and controls the incoming data, reducing the processing and analyses periods drastically. An interesting element of this automation was a set of controls and alarms that allowed us to detect automatically and systematically any data inconsistency received from the different data origins and correct them, ensuring data consistency.

Marco Risso Domínguez – CEO, Qualia Seguros